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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
The Purpose-Driven Left

April 6, 2005

It's been a tough year for the secularist crowd. There was Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ," the moral values election, the Christian hostage subduing her kidnapper by reading from "The Purpose Driven Life," and the Christian effort to save Terri Schiavo. Not only that, but earlier this year, James Dobson insulted the Democrats' mascot, SpongeBob SquarePants, with impunity.

And now, for all the hullabaloo in the media, you'd think the Pope had died.

The liberal take on Catholicism is that it's a controversial religion because of its positions on abortion, sodomy and various other crucial planks of the Democratic platform (curiously, positions that are shared by all three of the world's major religions).

In defense of the Catholic Church's most "controversial" position (meaning "contrary to the clearly stated opinion of CNN"), I wanted to return to a story from a few weeks ago that passed from the headlines far too quickly. The "controversial" Catholic position is the ban on girl priests.

I'll leave it to the Catholics to explain the theological details, but we have a beautiful pair of bookmarks to the exact same incident illustrating women's special skills and deficits. The escape and capture of Brian Nichols shows women playing roles they should not (escorting dangerous criminals) and women playing roles they do best (making men better people).

Nichols' murderous rampage began when he took the gun from a 5-foot-tall grandmother who was his sole guard at the Fulton County Courthouse. It ended when an otherwise unremarkable 26-year-old woman appealed to the Christian conscience of this same violent killer holding her hostage.

At 2 a.m. one Saturday night, Ashley Smith went out for cigarettes while unpacking her new apartment, yet another victory for tobacco pleasure. Returning from the store, Smith was grabbed by a man at her front door, who put a gun in her side and told her not to scream. He asked if she knew who he was. When he removed his baseball cap, she saw it was Nichols, the dangerous fugitive all over TV who had escaped custody during his rape trial and had killed four people in the previous 48 hours. (Although he also looked a lot like of one the guys on "American Idol.")

In Smith's apartment, Nichols bound Smith's feet and hands and put her in the bathtub. Later, at Smith's request, Nichols allowed her to hop from the bathroom into the bedroom, where she began talking to him.

In short order, Smith was reading aloud to Nichols from the Christian book "The Purpose Driven Life" — in direct violation of his constitutional right to never hear any reference to God, in public or private, for any purpose, ever, ever, ever! For more on this right, go to the "People for the American Way" Web site.

After reading the first paragraph of Chapter 33 aloud, about serving God by serving others, Nichols — the man pundits were calling an "animal" — asked her to read it again.

Nichols listened to the passage again and responded by telling Smith he was already dead, saying, "Look at my eyes." But Smith looked and told him God had a purpose for him, perhaps to minister to other lost souls in prison. Smith read to Nichols some more, both from the "Purpose" book and from another popular book that's been dropped from all news accounts of this incident: the New Testament. (In the Hollywood version, Smith will be reading from the Quran.)

Smith knew all about Nichols' violent depredations from TV. Yet she saw him not as a monster, but as one of God's creatures. Most Christians — most people — have trouble seeing the humanity of people who take our parking spots. Smith could see God's hand in a multiple murderer holding her hostage. By showing him genuine Christian love, Smith turned Nichols from a beast to a brother in Christ. This phenomenon, utterly unknown to liberals, is what's known as a "miracle." Top that, Paul Krugman!

Nichols told Smith she was "an angel sent from God," calling her "his sister" and himself her "brother in Christ." Nichols said he had come to Smith's home for a reason, in Smith's words, that "he was lost and God led him right to me to tell him that he had hurt a lot of people."

This trampling of our Constitution — I mean this conversation — lasted long into the night. They watched Nichols' shooting people on TV. Nichols said he couldn't believe he was that man. In the morning, Smith made Nichols eggs and pancakes for breakfast. Then she walked out of the apartment to pick up her daughter and to call 911. The last thing Nichols said as Smith was leaving was to say hello to her daughter for him. When the police arrived, Nichols surrendered without incident, an utterly transformed human being.

Heaven help the average liberal if this ever happens to him! What would an urban secularist do? Come sit down and let me read to you from Michael Moore's "Stupid White Men." Or maybe he could put a SpongeBob video in the VCR. WE ARE FAM-I-LEEEEE! At least before he killed again, the dangerous fugitive would have warm feelings toward homosexuals.

It's also another example of how our universities are failing students. Today's college coeds would be dead: They know nothing about Jesus Christ and can't cook a good meal.

Smith saved the soul of a man on a killing spree by talking to him about Christianity. But liberals think this won't work with the Muslims? We ought to fly this Ashley Smith to Saudi Arabia. We could just make her a box lunch every day and send her on her way.

Liberals would approve of a nice Christian girl like Smith going to the Middle East only if she went as a Marine or — better! — if she were getting herself run over by a tank while defending a PLO tunnel into the Gaza Strip used by suicide bombers. Sadly for liberals, feminist lunacy doesn't convert and transform, it browbeats and harangues. The only miracle it has ever performed is getting people to listen to Nancy Pelosi.



4520 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 64111; (816) 932-6600

Posted at 01:37 pm by LukeTheFreak
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Monday, April 11, 2005
For Boris

Posted at 11:17 am by LukeTheFreak
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Before the Fall.... I was rocking hard

Before the Fall is one of the best bands Ive ever heard..... more to come.

Posted at 08:24 am by LukeTheFreak
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Friday, March 25, 2005
What about it?

Yeah, so after that post I was thinking about how ritualistic the Lutheran Church was we have been too and started to think about it some more. They are an ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) so they dont believe any of it will save you from hell. They believe "Only God, Only Faith, Only Scripture."

So then why do it? To help get you in the mood? I dont know..... I mean we all have our little ways of bringing everything to a focus. Like when you get up to do a QT or read your Bible, I always close my eyes and take a series of deep breaths before praying. Sometimes I even lie on the ground to show God that I am completely surrendered to him. But I dont really need to do that, I mean, he knows all that already, so why show him? I dunno I just think I've been a little to hard on the whole ritual thing lately, it might actually help some people. Some people need routine or they wont get anything done. I mean it does seem a little cultish while everyone is saying the same thing in unison but who knows - what do you think?

Posted at 11:47 am by LukeTheFreak
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Been a long time.....

since I left you, left you, without a dope beat to step to, step to. Too bad she died in a plane crash.

Wow, its been a long time since Ive seen any of your or talked to you, or posted, or been to church. Mostly thats because work has been killing me lately.

We had the SuperBowl the first of February and then our book keeper took maternity leave 3 weeks early and so instead of hiring a temp our client decided it was best for everyone to share the load, which means I get to do everything now!!! Yay!!

I dont mind working, but 60-70 hour weeks for the past month and a half is a little ridiculous. As for the church thing, I use sundays to sleep. We watch it on TV but the only time we actually go to a service is when Jennifer has to play the bells at this lutheran church.

Yes, Jennifer plays the bells for their choir. Its actually pretty cool, you know the lady FBC brings in once a year? Well they have a choir of about 10 that plays once or twice a month. The church itself isnt that bad. They take communion but dont believe in transubstantiation and they have those stupid recetations. The preacher will say something like "Our father we have sinned, we have forsaken thy name by drinking lots of whiskey and fondling loose women" then the congregation says something like "Yes, we have done bad things, please forgive us." I mean, I kinda giggle the whole way through but I always have a sneaking feeling that any moment now they are going to lead a calf out onto the stage and slaughter it for our sins. I guess it wouldnt be that bad if they did though, it would make for a good after church bar-b-q social.

Anyway, the solution to our problems? Get a new Job.
So I got a new Job with Interline Brands (I start april 18th).

We also got a new car:

Its a 2005 Toyota 4-Runner. Its pretty sweet we got all the options, side mount chainsaws (with a swivel feature), Flaming exhaust, Tactical Nuclear missle with extension arm, and hood mounted combination Tazer and Lazer with 3 settings: Stun, Kill, and Toast Anyone? Yeah its probably the coolest car available to Man. Too bad you can have one. Oh yeah, we also got a spoiler on the back.

Posted at 07:54 am by LukeTheFreak
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Saturday, January 29, 2005
I might die of laughter

Click refresh to view it from the start. This is so funny....

Posted at 04:53 am by LukeTheFreak
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
See Tagboard

Posted at 07:30 am by LukeTheFreak
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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Another Party

The time has come for another session of mass destruction and murdering. I am going to have another Halo party at my house soon, so clear your calendars. I need to know though, when is a good time for everyone? Let me know and we can get this thing planned.

Also, we will be playing Halo 2 - which is slightly different.

Posted at 08:34 am by LukeTheFreak
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Friday, January 14, 2005

Posted at 11:38 am by LukeTheFreak
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Halo 2

Does anyone else have Halo 2 and X-Box live subscription? Send me a friend invite I am "The Parkanator"

Check out one of my better games to date:
I am the tag of the hand. Each time an arrow goes from me to another tag, I killed them. You can also see the weapons used underneath (no weapon means I used a grenade or just hit them to death). I only died 6 times, via snipers.

Posted at 08:06 am by LukeTheFreak
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