Entry: Halo 2 Friday, January 14, 2005

Does anyone else have Halo 2 and X-Box live subscription? Send me a friend invite I am "The Parkanator"

Check out one of my better games to date:
I am the tag of the hand. Each time an arrow goes from me to another tag, I killed them. You can also see the weapons used underneath (no weapon means I used a grenade or just hit them to death). I only died 6 times, via snipers.


January 19, 2005   07:45 AM PST
Wanted to let youknow i still look at your blog... I just dont have halo 2 or Xbox for that matter. SOrry
January 17, 2005   01:03 PM PST
hahaha - thank you? wait, no.
January 15, 2005   02:14 PM PST
a huge nerd. if i were a girl i'd eat you.

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