Entry: Been a long time..... Friday, March 25, 2005

since I left you, left you, without a dope beat to step to, step to. Too bad she died in a plane crash.

Wow, its been a long time since Ive seen any of your or talked to you, or posted, or been to church. Mostly thats because work has been killing me lately.

We had the SuperBowl the first of February and then our book keeper took maternity leave 3 weeks early and so instead of hiring a temp our client decided it was best for everyone to share the load, which means I get to do everything now!!! Yay!!

I dont mind working, but 60-70 hour weeks for the past month and a half is a little ridiculous. As for the church thing, I use sundays to sleep. We watch it on TV but the only time we actually go to a service is when Jennifer has to play the bells at this lutheran church.

Yes, Jennifer plays the bells for their choir. Its actually pretty cool, you know the lady FBC brings in once a year? Well they have a choir of about 10 that plays once or twice a month. The church itself isnt that bad. They take communion but dont believe in transubstantiation and they have those stupid recetations. The preacher will say something like "Our father we have sinned, we have forsaken thy name by drinking lots of whiskey and fondling loose women" then the congregation says something like "Yes, we have done bad things, please forgive us." I mean, I kinda giggle the whole way through but I always have a sneaking feeling that any moment now they are going to lead a calf out onto the stage and slaughter it for our sins. I guess it wouldnt be that bad if they did though, it would make for a good after church bar-b-q social.

Anyway, the solution to our problems? Get a new Job.
So I got a new Job with Interline Brands (I start april 18th).

We also got a new car:

Its a 2005 Toyota 4-Runner. Its pretty sweet we got all the options, side mount chainsaws (with a swivel feature), Flaming exhaust, Tactical Nuclear missle with extension arm, and hood mounted combination Tazer and Lazer with 3 settings: Stun, Kill, and Toast Anyone? Yeah its probably the coolest car available to Man. Too bad you can have one. Oh yeah, we also got a spoiler on the back.


March 26, 2005   01:43 AM PST
Congrats on the new job. I'm happy for you and I hope it goes well and that we'll be seeing you around church sometime soon. We had missed you, in fact, id remember who, but someone and I were mentioning a few weeks ago we wondered where ya'll had been. Glad to hear things are going well though.

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