Luke » Nice
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TAO2004 » nice blog you got here, good layout and theme. sweet! check out mine.
antman1020 »
Jessica » hmm...are u luke wilson
Luke » I am me.
Jessica » omg..whos dis
Luke » Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!
Guess(nothejeans) lo » I am obsessed with popping santas zit. i don't even want the ipod. i've never even allowed that page to load. but i just love making that icky looking green similated puss spurt from his face, tehehe
Guess(nothejeans) lo » sarcasm is always hilarious but i find it stimulating rather than mind numbing, though I suppose that euphoric would apply.
aimee » i came, saw your conversion post and will read it this weekend, a lot to do tongiht
Njord » ooooh, big words haha
Luke T » I find the sarcastic hilarity mind numbingly euphoric - don't you?
E » I decided to come see what your site is all about... Interesting...
aimee » yes i do.... well, if i think about it or you say you posted on my tagboard
Luke » and by "this" I mean my site in general
Luke » does anyone actually read this?
Heather » hehe i'm just jokin w/ ya - don't get offended, 'kay? : )
Heather » lol! it says "NEW YORK (AP)" at the very begining -- that stands for ny associated press, genious ; )
MaNIa Uv DreAMeD » you know, i was like: damn this fool can write. he should be working for some big newspaper. then i read that you just ripped your tribute off one.
BlueSkelton » cool blog
Luke T » duuuuuude
Anonymous » hi
newty one » nm E
todd » hey
E » J Grisham? What?!?!?
newt » you write novels
newt » I LOVE that book club idea Stay away from Viviane on that J. Grisham subject...
Mrs A » I like that book club idea
newt » cool blog
Aimee » Well, mine is... :-\ I''m sorry, idk why your's isn't :-\
Luke » yeah, these things are great
Luke » yeah, Im hip Im cool - this is trend central
Aimee » YAY! You have a tagboard! they're fun haha.